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Who is this girl? Who is this person I've become? There is...
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Who is this girl? Who is this person I've become? There is calmness and people keep telling me they feel it. I looked up oneday and the people that used to make me happy, just don't. The things I used to do, I don't do. The things that mattered most, lack value in my life right now. That bridge to growth is scary and confusing but imagine if you stayed the same. You would never truly see the leaves change. Lick after lick I continue to hit them. Buy everything I want, but no need 2 ALWAYS post. I guess I like being more than I POST to be. There's not a bag or shoe at this point I can't get but I now put my credit card up a little sooner because there's this thing called WEALTH. I have positioned myself to have restaurants and a REAL liquor brand all over the world. While some were at the club I was sitting in my bed on my laptop emailing Jack Daniels trying to strengthen my credibility in this business. My desires have changed. So I hear the chatter beneath me and some taking my silence as a hope of failure. I'm never in silence and not in a bank. I had to stop announcing my moves everyday. There are times when the old me wants to pop off and say "Bottom Dweller, do you know what all i'm doing" but I just don't. Why? Because every time you address or answer to someone or something who's being isn't equivalent to your success you belittle every accomplishment that you've had to fight for. I don't answer from outside the conference room. Imagine random people believing in you so much that they are begging to give YOU money to invest in your dream. It can happen! It happened to me. I swear y'all this little country so called ghetto girl, graduated and was crowned Miss Florida A&M university, made some of the worst mistakes ever and took every stone thrown at me and took them to stand on firmly. This life is new to me, but I know my calling. I have to create jobs&opportunities for my people.Give me a little and ill hustle and make it a lot! That's my gift! I hope my story of being laughed at in front of the world to being taunted a liar,bully, and false allegations can turn out in your favor! Charlotte I'll see you Jan 13 for my very 1st music seminar/discussion❤️
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