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When I did my procedure I went to a person some of the...
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When I did my procedure I went to a person some of the hugest celebrities out today have used, nothing cheap about it. I followed the trend and that was 1 of the worse decisions of my life. I could’ve kept quiet about this, but i’m not fake. If I show you the good I’ll show you the bad! I looked in the mirror today and didn’t look like a sexy ant! Lol! I’m so tiny and cute. And this butt of mine is all mine and i’m still bootylicious naturally. I still have full reconstructive surgery in a couple months for the scars and shaping and everything BUT my doctor is the most amazing and he’s been there every step of the way! If you are going through this don’t sit around and get worse. It’s a very difficult surgery but imagine a healthy life. I HAVE A LONG way to go aesthetically before i’m flexing for the gram, but i’m almost there!FOR THOSE ASKING who my doc is HE ISNT A SOCIAL MEDIA DOCTOR ITS AN ACTUAL REAL DOCTOR KNOWN AS ONE OF THE BEST IN BEVERLY AND HES CARES ABOUT HIS PATIENTS. His name is @drsayah

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